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Advantages of synthetic oils

  • Best performance in all conditions
    Long life in harsh conditions, even with high operating temperatures, with high humidity levels and/or in conditions where air pollution is present, our Torque Excellent offers the best performance.  It has excellent heat transfer properties, long life, high flash point, low evaporation losses, low volatility, excellent hydrolytic stability and the best lubrication properties.  In other words, a perfect match for a demanding environment.
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
    Torque Excellent can be used up to 8000h in even demanding conditions. This means one less service interval compared to mineral oil resulting in less labour costs and less downtime in your business.  In addition to this, 50% less crude oil is required and 50% less waste needs to be handled.
  • Reduced energy consumption
    Did you realize that utilizing our synthetic oil saves you not just money on labour, downtime and waste handling, but also on energy costs? The Torque Excellent provides less friction losses in the rotating parts, has a better viscosity behaviour and produces less foam compared to mineral oils, leading to an energy saving of 1%.  In addition, it leads to lesser oil consumption due to reduced oil carry over, cleaner air and an improved oil separator element performance.  All these benefits add up to lower CO2 emissions. Which is not only good for your wallet but also for our planet. 

I want to switch to synthetic oil, what do I need to do?

Torque Excellent is compatible with every screw driven machine which consumes Torque Elect. Just make sure you check the viscosity grade applicable for your machine. Before you switch take the mandatory steps to completely drain your machine.

Your screw compressor has on several spots valves to completely drain your machine. This is necessary for every oil change, also if you stay with mineral oil. Make sure you found every valve by checking the manual of your machine. Once the machine is drained, close the valves and you are good to switch to our Torque Excellent oil.    

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Aside from screw compressor lubricants, we also offer coolant and food grade oil. Are you using a piston or centrifugal compressor? You may wish to check at our Lubricant Selector Tool. Edmac also offers lubricants from the following popular brands: Aerzen, Boge, CompAir, Ingersoll Rand, Kaeser, Mattei, and many more. Any other questions? Please reach out to our SALES TEAM

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