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OEM Product

39911615 Ingersoll Rand Oil Filter Element

EDMAC reference: 3003153580

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39911615 Ingersoll Rand Oil Filter Element 

This oil filter element is compatible with several Ingersoll Rand EP-SE and ESP series 50hp and 60hp air compressors. Although the EP and ESP series were the most popular, this coolant filter is also found in many HP, XP, HXP, and EPE versions. The majority of these air compressors date from the mid to late 1990s. 

The oil filter element should be changed every 2,000 hours or once a year. You should also replace the air filter element when changing the oil filter. The most frequent air filter for this model range was part number 39708466, although we recommend confirming with our sales department. 

Before being put back into the compression process, the oil filter removes particles and trash from the compressor oil. By ensuring clean oil is fed to the airend and oil cooler, changing the oil filter element will extend the life of your compressor. 

39856844 was the previous part number for the coolant filter. If your parts handbook lists 39856844 as the oil filter number, ordering 39911615 is correct. 

Features and Benefits 

  • Over 2000 hours of service  

  • High filtering efficacy 

  • Shell with high strength, corrosion resistance, high-pressure resistance, superior sealing, and low wear. 

  • Maintenance costs are reduced 

  • Reduces the possibility of compressor damage 

  • Dust, dirt, and other abnormalities are removed 

Replacement oil filter element by Edmac 

You will find both the original Ingersoll Rand Oil Filter Element and the Edmac replacement at Edmac Europe. Edmac's OEM oil filter element has the same qualities, size, and performance as the original. This oil filter replacement is 100% interchangeable with the Ingersoll Rand oil filter, but at a reduced cost with comparable quality and performance. Experts have examined all Edmac products and found that they outperform OEM brands. Our Edmac goods also come with a huge inventory and quick shipping. The Ingersoll Rang product pages provide the exact Edmac equivalent for your convenience, ensuring that you always select the correct product. Read more about why you should purchase Edmac products here. 

More Information
Item net weight (kg) 1.170000
Package length (mm) 100.00
Package height (mm) 250.00
Package width (mm) 100.00
Brand Ingersoll Rand
Stocked at Edmac Yes
Subcategory Oil Filters
Edmac reference 3003153580
Cross references 3003153580, 39796974 REPLACED, 39796974REPLACED, 39856844 REPLACED, 39856844REPLACED, 39911615
EDMAC Product

Edmac equivalent: Spin-On Lube Filter

EDMAC reference: 3003102015

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More Information
Item net weight (kg) 1.180000
Package length (mm) 177.00
Package height (mm) 265.00
Package width (mm) 103.00
Brand Edmac
Stocked at Edmac Yes
Subcategory Oil Filters
Edmac reference 3003102015
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