Molecular Sieve

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Dry air and compressed gases with high-quality molecular sieve beads

Edmac Europe is an online distributor and supplier of premium molecular sieve desiccants from various top OEM brands like: Boge, Beko, Compair, Almig, Ingersoll Rand, Parker & more. We offer more than 100 molecular sieve items and you can order in any quantity. To make things easy, you can search via your own reference or through our Edmac reference. This is to ensure that you quickly find what you are looking for.

The small molecular sieve beads are used as desiccants. When activated they become powerful adsorbents in a wide range of operating processes with strong adsorption abilities with hydrogen, carbon dioxide, water and other polar molecules. Molecular sieves can be used in a variety of industrial processes that require the removal and adsorption of moisture elements during packaging and processing. Based on molecular size and shape, molecular sieve beads offer many adsorption applications due to the high adsorption capacity and are therefore able to remove many natural and industrial gases and liquid impurities.

What exactly are desiccant molecular sieves?

Molecular sieve desiccants are synthetically produced aluminosilicates zeolites. They are widely used as a dynamic gas drying substance to purify liquids and gases. The internal molecular sieve structure exists of smaller pore cavities which are arranged in a specific pattern. These are internally connected and are of uniform sizes that are measured by diameters in angstroms (A). On this website you can find lots of molecular sieve 4A from different OEM brands.

What can I expect from Edmac molecular sieve desiccants?

Being less expensive, alternative molecular sieve beads can be more attractive to casual buyers. Yet there are always understandable suspicions that the quality will be less, as the alternatives are not provided by the OEM brands. However, we can reassure you. Our Edmac alternative molecular sieve desiccants are made with the same materials and have the same characteristics as the best OEM manufacturers. While being less expensive, our Edmac alternatives meet or exceed the strict OEM standards. We can therefore guarantee that our products will certainly meet your expectations.

Where to buy molecular sieves?

Edmac Europe is the place to find OEM and alternative molecular sieve desiccants to keep your machines running effectively, efficiently and operating at full capacity. To make things easy, you can search via your reference to find the right part.

At our webshop you can find more than 100 items from leading OEM brands. All the items we offer meet or exceed OEM specifications and are all competitively priced, while still delivering the best performance. In addition to the vast OEM collection of molecular sieve on this website, we also offer Edmac alternatives, which guarantee the same superb quality at a lower cost.

Other desiccants

Of course you will find other types of desiccants with us to keep your industrial machines up and running.

Order molecular sieve online at Edmac Europe and have them delivered to you

You can have OEM and/or Edmac alternative molecular sieve beads delivered to you. We prepare your package carefully and ensure fast delivery. All you have to do is place the order. We take care of the rest.

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