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Condor MDR 1

Condor MDR 1

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    216919 Condor Pressure Switch MDR 53/11 G 1/2" Alu
    EDMAC reference: 3004051317

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Condor pressure switches is utilized in water technologies as well as compressed air systems

The pressure switches manufactured by Condor are the answer to every situation in which compressed air or water pressure is employed to activate switching activities. Their MDR series of electronic pressure controllers, which have been tested and verified, come equipped with standard features such as the highest possible degree of precision and dependability.

Because of this, they are used all over the world and have been ranked number one in both Europe and Germany for a very long time. They are used in pumps and compressors made by all of the most well-known manufacturers.

The benefits of using a Condor MDR switch on an air compressor

  • Stability: High long-term stability verified by long-term tests under high climatic and temperature circumstances.

  • Adaptability: Suitable for applications requiring DC, AC, and 3-phase power up to 15 kW

  • Quality that has been verified by testing, as evidenced by a variety of approvals and certificates (for example, VDE, VDS, ATEX, GL, KEMA, CSA, or UL);

  • DIN standard: Connection choices by means of extremely stress-resistant electrical connections, such as rectangular or bayonet connectors that are compliant with DIN specifications;

Where can I get a Condor pressure switch near me?

Edmac Europe is the place to go to discover Condor compressor pressure switches, which will allow you to maintain your machines functioning at their optimal level of effectiveness, efficiency, and capacity. You can browse through your reference to discover the appropriate part, which will make things much simpler for you. Also you can use the different filter options to find the product you are looking for.

Using the Condor compressor switch: some helpful hints

When the main pressure spring is altered on a condor air pressure switch, the value used to determine when the switch is on and when it is off shifts in a proportional manner. As a result, the difference in pressure between both quantities continues to be the same. This value can also be altered on the Condor air compressor pressure switch by using the differential adjustment screw.

Attention: The differential adjustment screw may only be purchased as an optional extra on some of the available versions.

Our product range gives you the option to select the appropriate pressure range, as well as the changeable connection flange and the I/O switch.

We will provide you with the appropriate unloader valve, motor protection relay, as well as the appropriate cable gland and, if necessary, the hood that corresponds to the relief valve.

The range of the Condor MDR compressor's pressure switch

You can also check out the different series of Condor MDR air pressure switches:

Buy replacement condor air compressor switch online at Edmac Europe and have them delivered to you

You have the option of ordering MDR Condor pressure switches. We will prepare your package with care and ensure that it will be delivered on time. You will solely be responsible for placing the order. We will see to it that everything else is taken care of.

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