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Condor Pressure Control GmbH is a pressure control pioneer. Their durable, high-performance pressure switches are used by major industrial, wholesale, and trade companies worldwide. Condor Pressure Controls supplies pressure switches for air compressors, pumping systems, and fire prevention systems. Shipbuilding, chemical production, automotive, and railway all use Condor goods.

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    212942 Condor Pressure Switch MDR 5/11-K G 1/2 Alu
    EDMAC reference: 3004051295

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  2. OEM Product
    212850 Condor Pressure Switch MDR 5/5 G 1/2" Alu
    EDMAC reference: 3004051294

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  3. OEM Product
    212294 Condor Pressure Switch MDR3/11EA F4 1/2 Alu
    EDMAC reference: 3004051301

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  4. OEM Product
    212317 Condor Pressure Switch MDR3/16-EA G 1/2 Alu
    EDMAC reference: 3004051302

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  5. OEM Product
    212935 Condor Pressure Switch MDR 5/11 G 1/2" Alu
    EDMAC reference: 3004051314

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  6. OEM Product
    201229 Condor Unloader Valve EV 3L
    EDMAC reference: 3004051308

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  7. OEM Product
    212263 Condor Pressure Switch MDR3/11-EA G 1/2 Alu
    EDMAC reference: 3004051299

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  8. OEM Product
    201045 Condor Unloader Valve EV 3
    EDMAC reference: 3004051307

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  9. OEM Product
    200741 Condor Delayed Unloader Valve AEV 2S
    EDMAC reference: 3004051305

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  10. OEM Product
    216919 Condor Pressure Switch MDR 53/11 G 1/2" Alu
    EDMAC reference: 3004051317

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  11. OEM Product
    212140 Condor Pressure Switch MDR1/11EA F4 1/4 Alu
    EDMAC reference: 3004675452

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  12. OEM Product
    201465 Condor Thermal 3 Pole Overload Relay SKR3/16
    EDMAC reference: 3004677059

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Quality Condor compressed air products: this is what your compressor deserves

Condor stands for the highest quality in the field of pressure regulators and switches. Over the years, the brand has made a name for itself in a wide range of industries, from shipbuilding to railroad engineering. In the field of pressure switches for compressors, Condor is today considered the number 1 on the German and European market.

Here, Condor offers control solutions for every requirement and every compressor with its proven MDR series and its electronic pressure regulators. Permanent tests confirm the long service life of Condor compressed air products compared to other products. Of course, in addition to the different motor switching capacities, flange variants or pressure ranges, Condor switches also offer a wide range of approvals, such as explosion protection approvals (ATEX). No matter whether you are looking for a Condor article for direct current, alternating current or three-phase current - the use of a high-quality and reliable Condor compressed air switch pays off for every compressor.

Our Condor spare parts collection: compressed air technology at its best

Take a quick look at our range of Condor MDR pressure switches

Condor: Successful manufacturer of pressure switches

Condor has a long tradition: more than 125 years ago, August Frede founded his machine factory and initially manufactured centrifuges, milking machines and pumps. The manufacturer laid the foundation for the subsequent development of the world-famous Condor switchgear as early as 1935 with a patent on a diaphragm pressure regulator. Incidentally, the name of the MDR series also originated here. As the "quasi inventor" of the pressure switch, Condor today develops and produces electromechanical switchgear, controls and entire control systems in all facets and for international markets.

Today, Condor devices are used all over the world wherever pressure and has to be controlled, regulated and monitored. In many industries and fields of work, it is impossible to imagine life without these high-quality products, because Condor is a "symbol of quality since 1893", as the manufacturer itself describes it. In 2018, Condor celebrated its 125th anniversary.

What sets Condor compressed air products apart

  • Manufacturer expertise: industrial pressure technology from standard to high-end products.

  • Price advantage: Perfect price-performance ratio thanks to efficient production

  • Reliability: Long-lasting switchgear due to high quality standards

  • Flexible solutions: Flawless products from mass products to individual solutions

Buy Condor pressure switches & unloader valves online at Edmac Europe

Ordering original Condor aftermarket parts is very easy. You can use our search function with your own references to find the items you are looking for. We prepare your package carefully and ensure a fast delivery. All you have to do is place the order. We take care of the rest.

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