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What are desiccants? 

Desiccants are materials that are used to dry compressed air. They are utilized in desiccant air dryers, a sort of compressed air dryer used to dry compressed air. These dryers' function by circulating moist air over a bed of desiccant material, which absorbs the moisture.  

Using desiccants in compressor machines has a number of advantages. Since desiccant air dryers rely on the desiccant material's adsorption properties rather than chilling to remove moisture from the air, they are more energy-efficient. These dehumidifiers are a more environmentally friendly way to handle treated compressed air because they don't consume much power. 

About Beko Desiccants 

Beko Technologies provides a variety of compressor desiccant dryers. They provide both cold-regenerating and heat-regenerating desiccant dryers for high-quality applications requiring extremely low pressure dew points or extremely high flow rates. 

Because of the high quality of its components, their cold-regenerated adsorption dryer is especially sturdy and durable. They use a desiccant to effectively and safely remove humidity from compressed air. A tiny percentage of the dry compressed air is then used for regeneration. 

Desiccants in Compressor Machines 

To remove moisture from compressed air, Beko desiccants are used in their desiccant dryers for compressor machines. Moisture in compressed air can lead to corrosion of pipes, valves, and other equipment, as well as product contamination. Beko desiccant dryers assist avoid corrosion and contamination by removing moisture from compressed air. 

The use of desiccants in air compressor and screw compressor machines helps to prevent corrosion and contamination caused by moisture in compressed air. This is because desiccants absorb and then release moisture from the air. Moisture has the capacity to corrode pipelines, valves, and other pieces of equipment, and it also has the possibility of contaminating whatever it comes in contact with. Desiccant dryers help to ensure that the production process is smooth, trouble-free, and runs as efficiently as possible by removing moisture from the compressed air. 

It is recommended that desiccant cooling systems could be an effective way to regulate the amount of moisture that is included in supply air. In comparison to vapor compression systems, they do not make use of any coolants that deplete the ozone layer and utilize far less energy. As a result, they are an alternative that is kind to the environment when it comes to reducing the amount of moisture in supply air. 

Where can you buy Beko desiccants?  

Edmac Europe is the place to go if you're looking for Beko desiccants, which will help your machines continue to operate as effectively, efficiently, and to the fullest extent feasible. You can use your reference to look for a suitable part, which will make things much easier for you.   

In our online store, you can choose from a wide variety of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products that are of a high quality.  In addition to our large OEM variety of desiccants we offer Edmac alternatives on the Edmac website. The Edmac alternatives provide the same great quality but at a lower cost than our OEM selection. Every one of the items that we provide may be purchased at prices that are comparable to or even lower than those of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and yet they all deliver superior results. 

Other Beko compressor parts 

Desiccants can be ordered online at Edmac Europe and delivered to you

You can order OEM desiccants and/or Edmac alternatives and have them sent to you. We put it in a box with care and make sure it gets there quickly. All you have to do is place the order. We'll take care of the rest. 

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