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Key features & benefits

Choosing for Edmac products comes with important advantages.

Fast clear air release

lowers the risk of cavitation, protecting the bearings with minimal oil residue.

Good oxidation stability

gives our oils excellent viscosity control so that we can guarantee a lower oil consumption.

Enhanced base oil

with antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, anti-foam agents, demulsifying agents and additives to equal OEM performance.

Less downtimes

due to low-oil alarms or failure to start because of the foaming protection our oil provides.

Controlled energy costs

because our superior performance will extend oil drain intervals and reduce oil consumption.

Improve efficiency

our high-quality lubricants increase compressor stability, reducing unscheduled stops.

Prolong equipment life

our long-lasting, non-foaming, quality oil will help against the effects of high temperatures, moisture and contaminants.

Superior Quality

All lubricants supplied by Edmac Europe have been tested under extreme climate conditions, harsh environments and a multitude of operating conditions. The many tests conducted by third parties ensure Edmac Europe products provide excellent rust and corrosion protection. Resistance from foam formation and emulsion also ensure a high performance of the compressor as well as controlling the energy cost. Edmac Europe lubricants have a high anti-foaming performance and oxidation resistance.

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