Condor Water Pressure Switch

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  1. OEM Product
    212942 Condor Pressure Switch MDR 5/11-K G 1/2 Alu
    EDMAC reference: 3004051295

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  2. OEM Product
    212850 Condor Pressure Switch MDR 5/5 G 1/2" Alu
    EDMAC reference: 3004051294

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Wearing part water pressure switch: Condor has the solution for every water pump.

Your domestic waterworks or water pump is no longer running properly? Then it may be due to a defective water pressure switch. If individual components in the pressure switch are worn out, this can lead to malfunctions when switching your pump on and off, or the specified pressure values are no longer achieved. With a high-quality replacement pressure switch from Condor, you can quickly make your domestic waterworks or domestic water pump ready for use again. Depending on your requirements, you can get your pressure switch for water or other liquids, for AC or three-phase current, and you can use it up to a pressure of 250 bar, depending on the model.

Advantages of Condor water pressure switches

  • Quality products manufactured from high quality materials
  • Powerful and durable for long operating times
  • High quality diaphragm
  • Higher IP treasure types depending on requirements
  • Matching motor protection relays available from certain sizes onwards
  • Extensive range of power pressure switches and control pressure switches
  • Pressure ranges from 0.1 bar to 250 bar
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