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  1. OEM Product
    5.3348.0 Kaeser Air Filter Mat
    EDMAC reference: 3003298980

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  2. OEM Product
    6.2045.0 Kaeser Air Filter
    EDMAC reference: 3003193880

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  3. OEM Product
    6.0173.1 Kaeser Air Filter + Housing EPC
    EDMAC reference: 3004003445

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  4. OEM Product
    6.2003.0 Kaeser Air Filter
    EDMAC reference: 3003103180

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  5. OEM Product
    893849.0 Kaeser Air Filter Element
    893849.0 Kaeser Air Filter Element
    EDMAC reference: 3004051883

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  6. OEM Product
    6.3528.0 Kaeser Air Filter
    EDMAC reference: 3003193980

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  7. OEM Product
    6.2085.0 Kaeser Air Filter
    EDMAC reference: 3003940880

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  8. OEM Product
    6.2084.0 Kaeser Air Filter
    6.2084.0 Kaeser Air Filter
    EDMAC reference: 3003125780

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  9. OEM Product
    6.1891.0 Kaeser Air Filter Mat
    EDMAC reference: 3003357880

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  10. OEM Product
    4E0303.0 Kaeser Air Filter Cartridge
    4E0303.0 Kaeser Air Filter Cartridge
    EDMAC reference: 3004084255

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  11. OEM Product
    402532.0 Kaeser Air Filter Mat
    EDMAC reference: 3003975780

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  12. OEM Product
    6.1938.0 Kaeser Air Filter Mat
    EDMAC reference: 3003901180

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Kaeser air compressor filter use as well as maintenance

Pressed air purification plays a hugely essential role in any type of compressor setup. Having an air compressor filter will certainly shield your system from particulates, dust, dust, strong bits, and also oil. Harmful contaminants like these can trigger damage to your devices as well as downstream equipment, wearing down components and causing clogs.

Without an air filter, contamination can also impact your manufactured product, causing loss of manufacturing and certainly landing you with a substantial costs. Therefore, it is necessary that high performing filters are utilized. Low quality filters may provide a decreased efficiency, bring about large stress drops and also increasing your energy bill.

To secure your financial investment and end product, as well as to ensure tidy, contaminant-free compressed air, we have the Kaeser air filtration array.

When should I alter the filter component?

To ensure a continuous supply of premium quality pressed air is always readily available (as well as to assist keep power costs low) filter components must be changed occasionally as, however, filter elements do not last forever.

The filter component must be changed at the very least every year. Applications with higher yearly operating hours or an extremely high need of filtration require much shorter exchange intervals.

Why do Kaeser air filters require to be changed?

During procedure, compressed air filters work under very tough conditions:

  • Pressure variations

  • Pulsing air need

  • Temperature variants-- day/ evening & summer season/ wintertime

  • High/ reduced moisture-- from 100% saturated air to extremely reduced dewpoints

  • Chemical strike-- from oily acidic condensate and lube additives

In time, these shifting and extreme conditions can result in a loss of effectiveness and also lowered functional performance, even resulting in product perishing. To continue to do in even one of the most tough problems, a resilient and also reliable air filter is extremely important.

One of the primary factors consumers select not to alter air filter elements is the cost of replacement components and upkeep. However, the price of inadequate filtering is often a multiple of the cost of a filter aspect!

Not altering the Kaeser air filter can seriously harm your compressed air system in addition to your air devices and also downstream items. This leads to reduced performance, greater costs, and danger of failure.

Not changing the filter element can create:

  • Corrosion of tools after the filter

  • Contamination of the network resulting in damaged products as well as finish use contamination

  • Reduced accessibility/ damaging of production equipment causing downtime

  • Increased long term expenses

  • For optimal efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and also power effectiveness, air compressor filters require to be changed based on the manufacturer's direction. Appropriate use leads to wonderful power cost savings for local business owner.

  • Through use, an increasing number of bits will certainly connect to the filter tool, lowering the surface for air to flow through the filter. The stress decrease boosts, indicating that the total system costs even more to run. For enhanced power saving and high efficiency, it is essential to trade the filter after the advisable period of time.

What are the benefits of frequently changing filter components?

Premium quality pressed air - regular substitutes supply optimized purification efficiency, using premium quality, clean air ideal for a series of hygienic markets as well as compressed air applications.

Protection of adsorption clothes dryer beds - using a clean filter enables adsorption beds in desiccant systems to operate extra successfully. Decreased oil and also particle in the air movement permits the beds to use improved efficiency.

Minimized operational prices - in the long term, changing Kaeser air filters will certainly save you cash and deal reduced functional costs. This is since inefficient purification triggers your compressor system to function harder to give the air movement called for, causing increased wear as well as high power use. In time, this can even cause system problems which cause costly repair services, raised downtime and also production loss.

Raised efficiency as well as profitability - all services aim to perform at optimum levels of efficiency as this permits them to increase their earnings margins. Air compressor filters are important in decreasing power costs and also driving productivity.

Security of downstream devices, employees, as well as procedures - safety is paramount for local business owner and also the health and wellness of employees is necessary for reliable working and also worker fulfillment. Filters guarantee secure air quality for team, reduce the risk of overheating, and help mitigate system breakdowns.

Continued assurance - system malfunction is a concern for any market. Appropriate care and also upkeep can aid to substantially reduce this danger. Properly kept Kaeser air filters will make certain the continuous procedure of your manufacturing, making certain smooth problems as well as a much more kicked back setting.

Edmac air filter compatible with Kaeser air filters

At Edmac Europe, along with original aftermarket air filters, we additionally have a wide portfolio of high-quality Edmac air filter components. These are 100% compatible with Kaeser replacement air filters however provide a reduced rate without giving up top quality. Our Edmac things are checked by specialists as well as shown to be leading in performance contrasted to other OEM brands. You can count on a big supply and quick distribution for our Edmac things. For your convenience, the Kaeser item pages show the right Edmac equivalent, so you constantly choose the best item. Learn more right here why you must choose our Edmac items.

Purchase Kaeser air filters online at Edmac Europe

Ordering Kaeser air filters components is really simple. You can use our search function with your own referrals to locate the products you are trying to find. We prepare your package meticulously and ensure a fast distribution. All you have to do is position the order. We take care of the rest.

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