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Sullair Air Filters

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  1. OEM Product
    88834242-029  Sullair WASHER,SEG JB982
    88834242-029 Sullair WASHER,SEG JB982
    EDMAC reference: 3004676933

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  2. OEM Product
    02250111-804 Sullair Air Filter
    02250111-804 Sullair Air Filter
    EDMAC reference: 3003128780

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  3. OEM Product
    250007-839 Sullair Air Filter 18” Second
    250007-839 Sullair Air Filter 18” Second
    EDMAC reference: 3003171880

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  4. OEM Product
    88290002-337 Sullair air filter external
    88290002-337 Sullair air filter external
    EDMAC reference: 3003195780

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  5. OEM Product
    88290002-338 Sullair Air Filter internal
    88290002-338 Sullair Air Filter internal
    EDMAC reference: 3003195880

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  6. OEM Product
    046968 Sullair Air Filter
    046968 Sullair Air Filter
    EDMAC reference: 3003145380

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  7. OEM Product
    02250142-905 Sullair HD Air Filter
    02250142-905 Sullair HD Air Filter
    EDMAC reference: 3003131580

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  8. OEM Product
    040187 Sullair Air Filter
    040187 Sullair Air Filter
    EDMAC reference: 3003103280

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  9. OEM Product
    042445 Sullair Air Filter 10E-25
    042445 Sullair Air Filter 10E-25
    EDMAC reference: 3003123480

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  10. OEM Product
    250028-034 Sullair Air Filter
    250028-034 Sullair Air Filter
    EDMAC reference: 3003103380

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  11. OEM Product
    02250049-821 Sullair Filter
    02250049-821 Sullair Filter
    EDMAC reference: 3003124380

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  12. OEM Product
    040899 Sullair Intake Air Filter
    040899 Sullair Intake Air Filter
    EDMAC reference: 3003115780

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Sullair air compressor filter usage as well as maintenance

Pressed air filtering plays a widely crucial function in any type of compressor installment. Having an air compressor filter will secure your system from particulates, dust, dirt, solid fragments, and oil. Damaging impurities like these can create damage to your tools and also downstream machinery, wearing down components and triggering blockages.

Without an air filter, contamination can even impact your made product, causing loss of manufacturing and undoubtedly touchdown you with a substantial expense. It is vital that high doing filters are utilized. Low quality filters might offer a reduced efficiency, bring about big stress drops as well as increasing your energy costs.

To protect your investment and also final product, and to assure clean, contaminant-free compressed air, we suggest the Sullair air filtering array.

When should I change the filter element?

To make certain a constant supply of top quality compressed air is constantly readily available (and to assist maintain power costs reduced) filter elements should be replaced occasionally as, unfortunately, filter components do not last for life.

The filter component must be exchanged at the very least every twelve month. Applications with higher annual operating hrs or a very high demand of purification need much shorter exchange periods.

Why do Sullair air filters need to be changed?

Throughout procedure, compressed air filters function under extremely strenuous conditions:

  • Pressure variants

  • Pulsing air demand

  • Temperature variations-- day/ night & summer season/ wintertime

  • High/ low moisture-- from 100% saturated air to exceptionally reduced dewpoints

  • Chemical assault-- from oily acidic condensate and lube ingredients

With time, these extreme and also changing conditions can lead to a loss of effectiveness and also minimized operational performance, even leading to product wasting. To remain to perform in even the most challenging conditions, a resilient and dependable air filter is vital.

Among the main reasons customers select not to change air filter components is the price of substitute parts and upkeep. However, the cost of insufficient purification is typically a numerous of the price of a filter element!

Not altering the Sullair air filter can seriously harm your pressed air system as well as your air accessories and downstream items. This leads to lowered efficiency, higher costs, and danger of break down.

Not altering the filter element can trigger:

  • Corrosion of devices after the filter

  • Contamination of the network resulting in damaged items and finish use contamination

  • Reduced schedule/ damaging of production equipment creating downtime

  • Increased long term expenses

  • For maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and also power performance, air compressor filters need to be replaced according to the producer's direction. Appropriate usage results in wonderful power cost savings for business owners.

  • Through use, a growing number of particles will affix to the filter medium, decreasing the surface for air to move via the filter. The pressure drop rises, meaning that the total system costs even more to run. For enhanced energy conserving and high efficiency, it is necessary to exchange the filter after the suggested period of time.

What are the advantages of consistently altering filter elements?

High quality pressed air - routine substitutes use optimized filtration performance, supplying premium quality, tidy air suitable for a series of hygienic sectors and pressed air applications.

Protection of adsorption clothes dryer beds - using a tidy filter enables adsorption beds in desiccant systems to run a lot more efficiently. Decreased oil and also particle in the air flow permits the beds to offer better performance.

Decreased operational prices - in the long term, replacing Sullair air filters will certainly conserve you money as well as offer reduced operational costs. This is because ineffective filtering causes your compressor system to work more difficult to give the air flow required, leading to increased wear and high power usage. In time, this can even lead to system issues which lead to costly repair work, boosted downtime and also production loss.

Boosted productivity as well as earnings - all organizations intend to do at optimum degrees of performance as this permits them to boost their earnings margins. Air compressor filters are vital in reducing energy costs as well as driving productivity.

Protection of downstream tools, workers, and also procedures - security is vital for company owner as well as the health and safety of employees is crucial for efficient working and staff member contentment. Filters guarantee secure air high quality for team, reduce the threat of getting too hot, and also help reduce system breakdowns.

Proceeded satisfaction - system failure is a concern for any type of sector. Correct treatment and upkeep can help to considerably minimize this threat. Properly preserved Sullair air filters will certainly make sure the continuous operation of your manufacturing, making sure smooth conditions and also a much more relaxed environment.

Edmac air filter interchangeable with Sullair air filters

At Edmac Europe, in addition to initial aftermarket air filters, we also have a large portfolio of high-grade Edmac air filter elements. These are 100% interchangeable with Sullair substitute air filters but offer a reduced cost without giving up high quality. Our Edmac things are checked by professionals and also proven to be leading in performance compared to various other OEM brand names. You can count on a big supply as well as rapid shipment for our Edmac items. For your ease, the Sullair item web pages reveal the correct Edmac equivalent, so you constantly pick the best item. Learn more below why you need to pick our Edmac products.

Purchase Sullair air filters online at Edmac Europe

Purchasing original Sullair air filters components is very simple. You can use our search function with your very own referrals to find the things you are looking for. We prepare your package very carefully and also make certain a rapid distribution. All you need to do is position the order. We look after the remainder.

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